"When I reached out to Jim and Carol Kuebelbeck I was in an extremely desperate situation. After building our new house in 2006 on a 6-acre plot just south of Logan, Iowa, we immediately started experiencing water issues. ... Water hauling became the norm for me. … I needed help and that is when I started doing my own research on the Internet for ways to locate water. … I came across this article about a Minnesota man by the name of Jim Kuebelbeck who dowsed a good water source for the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota after numerous attempts through traditional means. The article intrigued me but, being an engineer by trade, I was reluctant about things that didn’t have concrete support evidence to back them up. Desperate, and basically having a ‘what do I have to lose’ attitude, I decided to do some more research to find this dowser. … Though very reluctant, but since the cost of a dry hole would at least cover his expenses, at my insistence the driller finally did agree to drill on Jim’s selected site. ... At approximately 162’ the driller said, ‘We’re in water!’ … As I am now approaching the one-year mark I honestly think Jim has finally solved our water problems.”
     — Rod McKnight, Logan, Iowa (2015) PDF of letter

"I must admit that I was a skeptic. Nevertheless, after we drilled a deep dry hole, we engaged you to try to find water on our property. ... You selected what you deemed to be the best drilling site, and that is exactly where we drilled.  I was at the site at the time, and the person doing the drilling said, 'I think we finally have a water supply!' They determined that the well would pump about 200-plus gallons per minute. ... He described it as a 'gusher.' Equally important, our water supply is almost totally free of impurities, virtually no iron and no nitrates, and is 'soft' water. Obviously, we were delighted. The Kuebelbecks are the only individuals in this part of Minnesota about whom we hear positive comments about dowsing for water.  Obviously, we recommend them without reservation."
    — K. E., Sauk Rapids, Minnesota (2001)

"After drilling two deep dry holes on our newly purchased acreage, we didn't know what to do.  We are now so glad the well driller gave us your name.  After you were here and selected a new drilling site, the drillers returned and discovered clear refreshing water which pumps at 50 gallons per minute!  We are very conventional in our thinking. We don't know 'how' dowsing works or why it works, but we do know that dowsing does work!  We believe, however, that only certain people have this ability. We'll think of you whenever we lift our glasses of water for a good Aitkin, Minnesota, drink."
    — Frank and Sally B., formerly of England and now of Aitkin, Minnesota (2006)

"A very satisfactory source of water was encountered at a depth of 32 feet, just a few feet away from an obviously dry 420-foot hole!"
    — Ed G., St. Cloud, Minnesota (1977)

"We wish we had tested [our water] long before we did, as ... coliform bacteria were too numerous to count! ...We called you and you came out ... Two days later, the well drillers came out, and they started to drill in the exact place that you had picked. ... At 34 feet, we had all the water we needed. They estimate that the well will produce more than 20 gallons per minute. They took a sample in to the lab to be tested, and the water quality is excellent! We are so grateful to have good, clean water again."
    — Mr. and Mrs. Ray S., Holdingford, Minnesota (1980)

"We drilled on every corner of our property. By the summer of 1988 we had paid for 14 dry holes! The well drillers then told us there was no water on our property and left, saying there was no use in drilling other holes. By this time we were very depressed. Our beautiful home without a good well would not even be marketable, should we ever want to sell someday. The whole neighborhood knew about our water problems. One day, one of our neighbors called and told us about a news story written about you and Carol. ... We called you, and I guess you know the rest of the story. The well you located for us was directly between two of the previously drilled dry holes, which were only about 120 feet apart. Thanks to you, our water problems are now history."
    — Gary and Kathy B., Cushing, Minnesota (1990)

"We realized our existing wells were not sufficient to handle the needs of our KOA campground. ... You and Carol came out and dowsed the property. You located three sites where you recommended we drill a well. [The well was drilled.] It was determined that the well would produce about 55 gallons per minute! The water was found at a depth of 63 feet, which is much shallower than other wells in the area. Because other wells in the area produce only marginal supplies of water, and many dry holes had already been drilled on the campground property, we can't believe what the well is producing! Needless to say, we are very happy to have this much water and feel this well will meet our needs for years to come."
    — Wes and Karen N., Clearwater, Minnesota (2004)

"We were fighting our water problem on a daily basis. In the evening the well would go dry, so we would have to shut the water off all night to the cattle, in hopes that by morning there would be enough to fill the water tank. We were also losing income because our milk production was dropping because the cows weren't getting enough water. Finally, we decided that enough is enough, and that it was time to drill a new well. After having two 'water witchers' out, they decided on a mutual spot to drill. The drillers came out, and the deeper down they went, the more digusted we became. ... At 96 feet, they hit solid granite. ... Our driller then suggested that before we attempt another hole, maybe we should try the Kuebelbecks. We ourselves had never met you, but the driller said he had often drilled wells after you had dowsed and always hit a good water supply. We gave you a call, and within a couple of days, you were on our farm ready to do your thing. ... The drillers returned, and at 53 feet, we now have more water than we need! We feel very fortunate that you have such a special gift and could use it to help us!"
    — Ron and Donette B., Hillman, Minnesota (2001)

"I am very grateful for Mr. Kuebelbeck's assistance and his unique talent. I am sure he saved me thousands of dollars."
    — Jerome W., St. Cloud, Minnesota (1983)

"Because of the large amount of water we use every day for cattle, milking equipment, and house, we were always afraid we'd run out. We'd read about your 'water witching' and several people recommended you. You came out and found one strong vein of water near the house, in an ideal spot. ... You also said it was approximately 60 feet deep. ... The well drillers came out and hit a good vein at 60 feet ... they said we have enough water to irrigate the whole farm, which is most unusual for this area."
    — Ann and Kenneth R., Holdingford, Minnesota (1980)

"After purchasing a seven acre building site, we never dreamed of the water problems we would encounter. The first hole was drilled to a depth of 420 feet, with absolutely NO water. The second hole was drilled to 400 feet with the same results.  The third hole was drilled to a depth of 440 feet without encountering any water whatsoever. It was then that the driller suggested that we contact you to see if you might be able to help us. After you came and selected  a new drilling site, the drillers returned the following morning and began drilling.  About three hours later they came to the door, all smiles, telling us we now had a water well!  The water was found at 57 feet, and already pumping out at 15 gallons per minute.  We would recommend Jim and Carol to anyone who plans to drill a water well anywhere!"
   — Peter W., Lake Lillian, Minnesota (1997)

"After the drilling of 20 dry holes over the years, we were pretty disgusted. With a barn full of cattle and calves, we thought we would have to sell all of the livestock, and try to find jobs somewhere off the farm. A local well driller then gave us your name and told us to call you. After you were here and told us where you would drill a well if this were your farm, we called the driller and he came out two days later - and thank God, we now have all the water we will ever need, and no longer have to ration water anywhere. Everybody is happy!"
   — Darrell K., McGrath, Minnesota (1983)

"I want to thank you for your help in locating water for me. I really can't tell you how satisfied I am. I have lived on this property for several years, and have always had to ration my water use. The current well is 450 feet deep (in granite) and produces about a gallon of water an hour.  I am very happy that a well drilling company recommended you to me. Water was found at 55 feet, directly above the granite, as you thought it would be. According to the drillers, the well is producing 12 gallons per minute. This is awesome!  I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone in need of your services."
   — Mark H., Foley, Minnesota (2001)